About Visual Forces

Young ShaneVisual Forces was once an idea that flowed much deeper than the imagination. It lived in my heart and was something more than words could describe. I saw the world through a slightly different set of eyes and looked for ways to share that vision with other people. I was introduced into photography at an early age and was always intrigued with how much more a person can see in a photo than they can with the naked eye. A photo interprets a frozen moment in time and leaves the imagination to feel, smell, hear, and taste. Magnifying that feeling is what Visual Forces is all about.

The book of Psalm says “Open my eyes so that I may see wonderful things…”. My eyes have been opened, and I see this beautiful world that God has laid before me to explore. My goal is to show you what my eyes and heart see and offer you the opportunity to stop and see just how wonderful life is. We get caught up and side-tracked in this rat race called life and we forget about the greener pastures that sit there waiting to be noticed. This is your chance to wander into those greener pastures and seek your own adventure…an adventure back into your heart to find something that has been missing or maybe just hiding. This is my gift to you…to use the eyes to inspire your heart. Welcome to Visual Forces.