Road of Life

“Along unfamiliar paths I will guide them; I will turn the darkness into light before them”
Isaiah 42:16
Road of Life

This inspirational picture depicts the road of life. It shows the dark Fall-looking trees down the road representing the hard times we go through and then the bright Spring-like trees at the end representing everything will be ok if we just stay on course. The road curves away at the end as to show we never have to look back at the hard times once we step into the light. Isaiah 42:16 says “I will turn the darkness into light before them.” Whatever you may be going through, have faith, don’t give in or lose hope. He is with you and will guide you as long as you stay on His path.

This photo is extremely personal to me as it was taken at a pivotal moment in my life. I had been convicted of the life I had chosen and prayed that God take control and put me where He wanted me…even if it meant losing everything I had. The following week, God did just that. My life was turned upside-down (or right-side up!) and all I was left with was my family and my faith, which ended up being exactly all I needed. Over the course of the next couple of years, my life began to “lighten up” as numerous Christian people crossed my path and kept me pushing forward as I grew closer and closer to God. Visual Forces was born and I began to use my experience in photography and website development to serve a higher purpose. Through this, God placed an incredible woman in my life who eventually became my wife. I’ve been so incredibly blessed that I can’t even begin to list all of the amazing things that have happened…all I know is that if I hadn’t turned everything over to God and trusted in the events that followed, you wouldn’t be viewing this site today and I wouldn’t be where I am now. God definitely turned the darkness into light before me and I’m not turning back!

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  1. Hello,

    I love your photos. I am going through what I believe is a pivital time int my walk with God. I t has been very dark and challaging. I recently had a dream that I was given instructions to go to this doctor(God)and the directions where a little un-clear.. so I began on thjourney and it didn’t seem like I ws going the right way. It was so dark and cloudy ..and all of a sudden the light came and I realized I was going the right way after all. This photo touched my heart and confirmed to me that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

    Thank you for sharing your gift.

  2. Oh my heart longs for Jesus! The light at the end of the road reminds me of an encounter I had with God on the 17th April this year. It was early evening and I had gone into my bedroom. With nothing to do, I lay down. In the next instant it felt as if my spirit was somersaulting out of my body towards a great light, and in a flash I was in heaven. God spoke to me spirit to spirit. Of course I did no see Him, just a great light. He showed me things and told me things. I asked if I could please stay. I asked if He would please not send me back. He took me one side and showed me what I still had to do. I saw it like looking at a movie on a huge screen. The peace and joy is indescribable. When He told me things that were in my heart, I couldnt believe He knew. We all know that He knows our hearts, but it filled me with such joy. I said over and over again, YOU ARE SO AWESOME, YOU ARE SO AWESOME! He told me never to use the word awesome again, unless it was to describe HIM!! I am unable to go into too much detail, but this is what happened in a nutshell. I can now distinctly separate the world. I know our time on earth is short. Oh! and another thing God told me. He said that EVERYTHING that happens in our lives is according to His timing! I have a peace about absolutely everything now. I know my dear son, Jerome, who passed away suddenly three years ago of a sudden heart attack, two days before he turned 33, is in heaven. I told his wife that even if Jerome had an option, he would NOT want to come back! I was not taken to heaven once that evening. I was taken to heaven, spoken to, and then sent back. This happened about fifteen times. I was totally exhausted at the end of it. I was visiting my brother in Johannesburg when this happened. He came into the room and went as white as a sheet. He cried out, Jean are you okay?? I said, yes I’m fine. He said, No you are not fine! I sat up on the bed, looked down and saw that my whole body was vibrating fast. I started crying and said, John, I’ve been to heaven, God spoke to me. His response was, Jean, do you want tea? We serve an awesome, awesome God! My spirit sings and my heart bursts with joy at the mention of His Name, JESUS!!

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