The Lone Tree

“The dew will lie all night on my branches. My glory will remain fresh in me.”
Job 29:19-20
Lone Tree

This picture was taken in Cades Cove located in Townsend, TN on a cool October morning. The chosen inspirational bible verse reminds us that even though the fall season causes the trees to lose their leaves and seem dead throughout the winter, they hold onto life as their “glory remains fresh in them.” In the spring, they will once again blossom as they grow bigger and stronger. Our lives are much the same. As we experience ups and downs that seem to strip us of all signs of life, we can find glory remaining fresh within. If we can hold on and maintain faith, we will once again rise…bigger and stronger than ever before.

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  1. Shane,
    God is using you to minister to me in more ways than one. I would be interested in hearing your testimony in what God did with you. When I read your description of you as an artist and all that you have written about your art that is what is on my heart. I have just not known what to do with what God has given me fully yet. I have a huge vision on my heart but it is so big it is almost overwhelming.

    I have been soul searching and praying that God will give me courage: To believe in what He has placed in my heart, to believe in what He has given me as gifts and to know that with Him I can fulfill it even without all the formal education. I am also praying for His wisdom and direction right now. It has been a difficult last few years and He is drawing me in deeper to live out the call on my life. I am an artist,and desire to use my multiple talents to accomplish a lot of things. I have huge visions and they seem almost too big. I know with God all things are possible and if He puts this vision in my heart I need to trust Him with it. So I am taking steps forward in faith and seeing where He leads me in this journey.

    Anyway….God is using you in ways I need right now. Thank you for being a servant for Him. I am inspired and full of excitement, joy and hope in the midst of a very difficult time. 🙂 God bless you. —Natalie

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